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fascination and thought

lostinthehype  :

It’s not unintentional you met someone that has made an impact in your life. It’s not like someone like that could appear out of nowhere one day and change you. It’s all planned out. It’s part of God’s plan. All the people you’ve met are part of His plan for you. He has these people go through your life to make you into the person He plans you to be. They’re meant to love you, to hurt you, to help you and most importantly change you to a completely better person.

(via lostinthehype)

   Tien/My volunteer partner/A BOY

There was once a mother who fell too deep
She left a little daughter for me to keep
She grew up to be a true princess of the street
A beauty caught by the ruthless destiny’s creeps, yeah

Now you can see her dancing
You can tell she’s beautiful
You can see her danicng with me

She is the fighter from the streets
Old men begging for pleasure by the young girls feet